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My title page contents Hi friends,
                       .. I'm Yagnadeep Thakar.... thanks for visit my website...

  Before explore my cool website you should download my awsome messenger TY NE TIA MESSENGER from clicking below on download button or scaning QR CODE by your android device."welcome to the TY ne tia"

and for app preview you can see screenshots from Gallery

  Before Download Must know about why TY ne tia is cool? just read futures below... 

This app is available for your country too.us

*FUTURES OF 'TY ne tia messenger'...

*Create your own themes and save & share too..

*Send unlimited size of AUDIO AND VIDEO NOTES to your friends 

*send unlimited sized files (no size limit)

*share any type of files like, .apk, .exe, .pdf, .jpg, .wmv, etc.....

*wanna share classified message to your friend with self destruct timer? just do it with new secret chat.

*got a new device and wanna start chat with your old friends with old chat history? no worry. just login with same (old) number.

*feeling lazy and don't want to press back? OK as your wish. just swipe with your thumb from your left to right.

*messenger is downloaded but no friends are using this messenger? getting board? no worry you will be automatically added in our channel and group to start chat with new friends. 

*you can make your channel too.

*wanna create classified or normal group? with message forwarding limit? just create it with TY ne tia       messenger.

*don't have enough calling balance and full internet access? and wanna call someone? just do with it.

*have a 2G or EDGE internet connection? no worry. this messenger can support any connection.

*wanna protect your app with PIN but no space for APP LOCKER in your device? no worry. TY ne tia has own APP LOCK FUTURE with PIN...

*you can check your statistics of DATA usage and storage too

got a link from friend. but no browser? OK. just click on link cause TY ne tia has own inbuilt browser.

*TY ne tia has many cool emoji and stickers.. so, enjoy and share your feelings too...

*low RAM? no need to worry you can disable animations too for low RAM usage

*downloaded but worry about space oh. leave it, TY ne tia is working on cloud storage so, your chat will be stored in cloud storage. (not device)

*TY ne tia has two step verification (on login{if you want}) with password for more security.

*No chance to misuse of you will be stay offline for a long time cause your account will be self district if you stay offline for a long time. (but no worry you can get it back)

*TY ne tia is available in 26 languages.

LIKE TY ne tia messenger? please don't forget to share TY ne tia  or link- yagnadeep.page.tl 

*how long you share you will get more friends to share you

*wanna suggest me or having a trouble to using futures? no worry. just click on TY ne tia messenger FAQ you will be redirected to my gust book and i will solve your problem. (please send your email id)

             ..THANKS FOR DOWNLOAD TY ne tia MESSENGER.. 
                                       ..VISIT MY WEBSITE..


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